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In the second post of my blog series on the creation of Brilthor Keep I will show the next stage of building the upper level. The construction of this level was my main focus in the first months of the project. Considering that if this would fail, it wouldn’t be worth the effort building the bottom layer anyway.

After making the initial set of casts, I realized several more would be needed, mainly doors. While making these elements I started building up every area, using small elements of polystyrene and glueing them together in the correct places.

Since variation is also quite important, I figured I would try to make one of the bridges look like it was made out of a bridge built from rock elements and bricks.
Using foam that I cut to small pieces, I glued these to one of the main bridges. Later I would add a very thin coat of plaster on top of theses foam pieces, providing for a basis that could be painted later. Even while writing this blog post I am still unsure how this will work out.

After this part of the build, I started working on the remaining bridge elements of the build. First I found out that there was not enough room to nicely hide the wiring, so I cut out a small groove where the wiring would fit, underneath the wooden parts. Making all the wood pieces turned out to be quite a lot of work, but I think it worked out pretty ok for now.

To add more detail I used a nice type of string to show how these bridges are actually constructed and held together.

To have this building have a more fortified look, I added another building element on top of the previous one, after making sure there was enough room on the other end for lights to shine through.

Here are the links to other parts of the series on building Brilthor Keep…

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  1. Noortje
    Noortje zegt:

    Cool!! Ever thought of using airdry DAS to keep everything together? That’s how I build up my castles. Looking forward to part III.

    • admin
      admin zegt:

      Not really no. I do have that material and I’ve seen many people use that as well. My experience with plaster is a bit bigger and I love the way you can work it later to provide more detail. But DAS should provide the same advantages, probably even better since it does not dry that fast.

      But I’ll consider that definitely for future additions or projects.


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