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Brilthor 4

Part 4 of the construction of Brilthor Keep picks up when the main scenery of the floor level was cast. At this time I decided the keep needed a name, a location and more stories of the where and when. Finding a name is always interesting but there are several fantasy sources and sites that generate names e.g.

Finding a location was done by searching maps already available. From the Witcher world are several maps and references of locations where elves live. One of them is Dol Blathanna, which borders on the Blue mountains. Now this region provides all the elements I needed to create my world. Brilthor is located at the edge of Dol Blathanna right inside the Blue mountains. It protects the access to the mountains and valleys in the east, securely hidden away from the outside world.

The Blue mountains didn’t get the name just for no reason. A very rare ore can be found there which, if concentrated enough and charged properly can cause rocks, especially when they are hollow, to float in the air. How this process works exactly is a well kept secret obviously…

Anyway, from this background follow the choices for the next steps in the build.

One of the molds I used was one for creating roads. Instead of using the cast roads as a whole, I broke them up to smaller pieces and glued them on the road that was created earlier.
After that I poured very thin plaster between the bricks creating a nicely blended road all over the scenery.

Since I already broke the columns it also made sense that in the destruction of these, the road was also broken and part of the road bricks had fallen inside the river. On the right you can see this road piece glued to the side of the rock.

When everything was dry I finally reached the stage where I could start base coating both the base and the upper level. All wooden bridges were covered with masking tape to prevent overspray. Using grey latex spraypaint provided a decent base colour.

The brick stones on the road were given a red base coat, which turned out more orange than red, so in a later stage I decided to add darker brown and green washes to get a more realistic look.

The grey rocks were then given a white brush and an initial black wash to start giving the rocks a more natural look as well.

The greek columns and remaining parts were given an ivory base colour.

The other part of the road, for which I didn’t create bricks, was carved inside of the plaster and then painted in the same fashion as the main road.

Next I also started adding blue colour to the dark parts of the rock. These are the Blue mountains after all…  This can be seen in later images much more clearly.

Next step was creating the bridge and the scaffolding, using small strips of wood. The bridge is very simpel, as well as the scaffolding, but to me simple and functional enough to look real.

After adding the wooden parts I switched to my airbrush for the very first time and started painting the river bed. I wont go into all the trouble I had using the airbrush but eventually the base colour was just as I wanted it.

In the next images the blue shades that were added to the rocks is also clearly visible.

The ivory base colour of the greek columns was nice, but next I added again more colour to them. To stay in the same colour range I used a blend of the brown/red I used for the road with a bit of ivory.

On top of that I again used a small drybrush of white on top of all the ridges.

The wood elements were then painted in a the same brown/red colour nicely blending into the environment.

As you can see, I added a dark wash between the road bricks, which turned out too dark, but since I am gonna add rocks and moss and other scenery elements in the next phase, it didnt matter a lot.

Here are the links to other parts of the series on building Brilthor Keep…

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