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Brilthor Keep – An elven stronghold in the Blue mountains – Part 4

Part 4 of the construction of Brilthor Keep picks up when the main scenery of the floor level was cast. At this time I decided the keep needed a name, a location and more stories of the where and when. Finding a name is always interesting but there are several fantasy sources and sites that generate names e.g.

Finding a location was done by searching maps already available. From the Witcher world are several maps and references of locations where elves live. One of them is Dol Blathanna, which borders on the Blue mountains. Now this region provides all the elements I needed to create my world. Brilthor is located at the edge of Dol Blathanna right inside the Blue mountains. It protects the access to the mountains and valleys in the east, securely hidden away from the outside world.